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Bill Van Asperen of 50th State Beverages

Bill Van Asperen grew up in Kailua and was educated there. Growing up surrounded by the best beaches in the world, it’s not surprising that the first love of his life has always been surfing. He remembers riding down the “Old Pali Road” with the winds rocking the car back and forth. Kids thought it [...]

Ian Serle of Chambers & Chambers Wine Merchants

The ocean is an interconnected mass of water and, depending on where you look, it can be icy or warm, blue or green, muddy or clear and Ian Serle has seen it from a quite a few different angles. He grew up in Pennsylvania and the Jersey Shore, graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy, and [...]

Corkey Trivia: Trunks and the 19th Hole

Legend has it that in 1956 Henry Ford II complained that when he tried to put his golf clubs into the trunk of his personal Thunderbird, he found that they did not fit unless he took the spare tire out! I can see his point. After all, shouldn’t you be able to use your classic [...]

Corkey Trivia: Tudors and Hops

In 16th century England, people typically drank eight pints of beer a day. A gallon per day back then was not as overly intoxicating as you might think because it contained only about 2% alcohol. By adding hops they could brew the beer longer and at least double the alcohol. The addition of hops came [...]

John Doty of JMD Beverages

Driving deep into the commercial district of Halawa Valley, I scan buildings looking for the JMD warehouse.  I’m supposed to meet with John Doty.  Near the end of the road, I see the building I am looking for appear to the right. I drive a little past it and turn slowly into a cul-de-sac to [...]

Warren Shon of Southern Wine & Spirits

Warren Shon was born at Kapiolani Children’s hospital, grew up in Manoa, and graduated from Roosevelt and the University of Hawaii with a degree in marketing.  His start in the industry was through restaurants. He started as a busboy at Bobby McGees which was located where the Diamond Head Grill is now in the “W” [...]

Mark & Carolyn Blackburn of Mauna Kea Gallery

Walking into Mauna Kea Gallery, one is struck with a sense of wonder. It’s like stepping into a living room filled with cherished artifacts from a more genteel time of historic Hawaii. Softly lit by reflected sunlight, it is as though items of daily life from times past have surfaced once again to enjoy the [...]

Meeting Michel Rolland

Wow…to actually sit, sip, and learn with Michel Rolland in Hawaii. I am happy to know that after many years in the wine business that I can to get elated about meeting a world acclaimed winemaker. I sure do love this business. O.k. enough about me Michel and his wife Dany are as nice as [...]

Corkey Trivia: Lunch with Lincoln & Obama

At the inaugural Luncheon in January, after President Obama completed his “swearing-in” ceremony, Duckhorn wines were served with a three course meal inspired by President Lincoln. The first course was a seafood stew made with lobster, scallops, shrimp and black cod a.k.a. butterfish, supposedly one of Lincoln’s favorite dishes. The main course was a brace [...]

Corkey Trivia: Bread & Circuses for the Pontifex Maximus

Back in the day when Rome was a Republic, wine, bread and entertainment flowed free, and free of charge, to all the city’s voting citizens.  This was the traditional way the upper classes bought the votes they needed for elective office. This tradition was called “Bread and Circuses” In the waning days of the Republic, [...]